What's New in 4.0

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Download InstantSync Secure FTPS/SFTP
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BatchSync/InstantSync 4.0 New Features

The following shows a list of the new features, fixes, and changes that are included in the new 4.0 release.

Notification emails

  • Send emails securely

    • New methods for sending email securely using Gmail, Yahoo, Exchange etc. servers, that require secure connections.
    • Supports SMTP connections using SSL and STARTTLS methods.

  • Email templates and HTML email messages

    • Software uses email template files for notification emails. Template files define the content and formatting of the email messages. You can edit existing templates, or create new ones.
    • Send emails with beautiful formatting as HTML or using simple pure-text format.
    • You can use the same email template for all sync tasks, or use separate template for certain sync tasks. You can use unlimited number of templates.
    • Separate templates for text and HTML messages.

Move source files to archive folder after transfer

  • This new option allows you to keep an archive of all successfully transferred files on the source. This provides easy way of keeping backup copies of all source files.

    Let's say you have a daily download & archive task like this:

    Source: ftp.server.com/OutBox -> Target: C:\InBox

    And you set Archive folder: /Archive/%TODAY[yyyy-mm-dd]

    As an example, the following files are copied to the ftp.server.com/OutBox:

    Source ftp.server.com/OutBox Target C:\InBox

    Now the sync task is run on 15th of April, 2015. Here are the results after the sync run:

    Source ftp.server.com/OutBox Target C:\InBox
    /SalesByArea (empty folder is not deleted) \SalesData.zip
    Source ftp.server.com/Archive/2015-04-15  

    Source files are moved to the archive folder only if transfer is 100% successful. So if the file transfer is cut in the middle, and file is not transferred in full, file is not moved, but it stays on the original source folder. Each source file is moved right after successful transfer, so if sync run is interrupted in the middle for any reason, all files that were already moved to archive folder, were also already transferred in full.

Sync task transfer result verification

  • For example, your scheduled nightly file upload should always transfer exactly 5 files and total size should always be over 50MB. To verify that those 5 files are actually successfully uploaded every night, set up task level verification like this:

    • Total number of files transferred is between min:5 and max:5
    • Total size of all files transferred is between min:50MB and max:<no limit>

    If this check fails, the sync run is flagged with error, and email notification is sent to you about the error.

Task Optimizer

  • Task Optimizer helps you to find optimal buffer size setting for your sync task to speed up transfers.

IPv6 support

  • Software can now connect to servers using IPv6 protocol. Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is the latest version of the Internet Protocol (IP), the communications protocol that provides an identification and location system for computers on networks and routes traffic across the Internet. IPv6 was developed to deal with the long-anticipated problem of IPv4 address exhaustion.

SFTP over SSH - Much faster transfers

  • We have optimized our SFTP transfer engine to speed up file transfers.
  • SFTP downloads are now much faster: Small file downloads are up to 5x faster and medium files downloads are up to 3x faster.
  • SFTP uploads are also much faster on WS_FTP and some other servers.
  • You can use new Task Optimizer to further speed up transfers (see more below).

SFTP security improvements

  • Public key authentication: Define private keys at task level, so you can use different private keys for connecting to different servers.
  • You can generate private/public key pair in Options > SSH Security. Or you can import private keys generated on your SSH server.
  • Software can use SFTP Host Key Fingerprint to identify SFTP server on connects. This prevents man-in-the-middle attacks.

FTP/S server certificate validation

  • New rules for validating server SSL certificate on FTP/S transfers.
  • You can choose to accept certain SSL certificates based on their SHA1- or MD5-fingerprints.
  • You can choose to accept only certificates that can be fully validated, and decide which certificate fields are used for subject validation (Subject CN or Subject AltName fields).
  • You can also accept self-signed certificates, but this is recommend only for development and test use.

FTP and FTP/S active mode port range

  • When making FTP or FTP/S connections using Active Mode (PORT), you can define port range for data connections. This makes it easier to configure firewalls to pass FTP and FTP/S connections.

Write sync results to Windows Event Log

  • Software writes sync task results to the Windows Event Log.
  • You can view events with Windows Event Viewer.

Other new options

  • New Locked file handling options:
    • Report locked files as an error
    • Do not report locked files as an error, just skip them. These files appear in transfer log as 'skipped'.
  • New option for local read-only or hidden files: Remove these attributes to allow overwriting on downloads.
  • New option in History-pane: Auto update-check box gives possibility to temporarily disable automatic history grid reloads.

Windows 8.x and Server 2012 and 2012 R2 compatibility

  • Full support for Windows 8.x, 7, and Server 2012 R2, 2012, 2008 R2 and 2008
  • Also supports older Vista, XP, and Server 2003.
  • Full support for both 32-bit and 64-bit editions.
  • Software is wrapped with new digital certificate.
  • Software contains a protective armor shell around the program that protects the software executable from being altered by viruses/trojans/malware.